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I am a member and current President of the Eastern Regional Association of Farmworker Advocates (ERAFA), which seeks to promote the welfare of farmworkers and their dependents. In 2019 we were hosting the ERAFA conference and I was nervous. There were so many details that had to be taken care of it felt overwhelming at times. However, as we got closer to the the event I was feeling more confident. We had a solid agenda, great location and amenities but I had to have a great kickoff speaker to set the tone for the rest of the conference. Motivational speaker Lefford Fate from South Carolina was mentioned as a candidate and as I spoke with him I thought he would be a good fit. A good fit is an understatement. Lefford energized the crowd and facilitated standing room only workshops during the conference.

A little background information about Mr. Fate. Professionally he has led, mentored, and served thousands of military members and their families. He spent nearly 31 years in the US Air Force and retired as Command Chief of the 20th Fighter Wing. A Chief is the top of the enlisted structure. It is the highest enlisted rank you can achieve, a great honor. Since retiring from the military, he has worked in various capacities. He was the program director for a geriatric outpatient mental health program, Director for Health Service within the SC Department of Corrections and is currently the Director of Support Services for the City of Sumter, South Carolina.

Mr. Fate was kind enough to share an interview he did with Jose Velazquez and the Hire Military YouTube channel. Lefford talks about his life before, during and after the military and steps he has taken to ensure success both personally and professionally. After listening to the discussion he had with Mr. Velazquez I felt excited and ready to take on the day, similar to how I felt during the 2019 ERAFA conference. I am honored to have Lefford as a friend and grateful to be able to share this interview with all of you (Season Three Episode Nine). Enjoy.


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