Moving Forward in 2021

During season three episode five of A Passion to Serve I had the good fortune of catching up with Dr. Felipe Lopez Sustaita, Executive Director of the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan (HLCOM). If I had to use one word to describe Dr. Lopez Sustaita it would be humility. Always willing to go the extra mile, he works tirelessly to serve the needs of Michigan's Hispanic and Latino people.

During our interview we look back at 2020 and discuss lessons learned during this challenging time in our world's history. Just as important was our conversation about moving forward into 2021 with renewed purpose and energy.

Speaking of moving forward, I am happy to announce that the Annual Hispanic/Latino Statewide College Graduation Ceremony will be held virtually on April 9, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Since 2017 HLCOM has seen incredible growth of Latinx college and university graduates across Michigan and hope that this year's ceremony will be bigger despite the hardships of the pandemic. I will be sure to include registration links and more information about this exciting and inspirational event. on A Passion to Serve website. Enjoy the day.


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