The Power of Communication

Last year I was contacted by Maggie Smith, who is the Internships & Alumni Coordinator for Michigan State University's College of Arts and Letters. She asked me to participate in their Careers in Languages Week with two other panelists who, by the way, were significantly younger than yours truly. While editing this episode I listened to our discussion multiple times and came away impressed with the entire process. You have three panelists who come from very diverse backgrounds, sharing their personal experiences about working with nonprofits and what has helped them cultivate careers that are both rewarding and impactful. We received lots of good questions from soon to be graduating MSU seniors who are unclear about what their next steps should be and how to go about beginning that next phase in their life.

Communication. Although definitely not an expert, speaking and comprehending Spanish has opened up doors for me that I could not have even imagined. People who I never would have met I now consider good friends. I learn about different cultural events, values and beliefs that have added so much color into my life. I read books from Spanish authors and watch Spanish television that offers insight into people's lives and makes the world a much smaller place. In short, I feel as if I am more fully human through the power of language and communication.

And now the big payoff, at least to me. I learn over and over again how all of us are connected and fundamentally want the same things. To be respected if not always liked, to approach each other in the spirit of kindness and service and to protect each other from voices intended to divide and conquer.

I hope you season three, episode four of A Passion to Serve. If you like, you can watch the video recording on the Telamon Michigan Facebook page. I am proud of the content and grateful for the opportunity to communicate and learn more from others. Enjoy the day.


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